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International Road Transport

Kayra International Transport: is traveling to Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Sweeden, Finland, Norway, England, Germany, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Ukrain, Turki Republics and Middle East Countries with 50 each of Maxima (13.60m), Mega and Jumbo Trucks and professional staff.

Mobile Monitoring System ;

  • Faster Operation Process
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Centralized Control on Staff and Evaluation
  • Determination of the False Moves and Control
  • Using the Right Vehicle Efficiently
  • Following the Right Routing Efficiently
  • Fuel/Staff Expenses Savings
  • Prevent the Misuse of the Vehicles
  • Report the Problems of Vehicles Directly to Control Center
  • Control of the Speed, Adrress, km, Destinations of the Vehicles